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Aroused from his lethargy by the cries and reports, Larsan opened the window of his chamber and called out to us.
Becky roused up from her lethargy of distress and showed good interest in the proceedings.
That proposal, unexpectedly, roused Linton from his lethargy, and threw him into a strange state of agitation.
I think that the digression of my thoughts must have done me good, for when I got back to bed I found a lethargy creeping over me.
I heard a slight scraping at the fence, and rousing myself from the lethargy that had fallen upon me, I looked down and saw him dimly, clambering over the palings.
The latter did not appear to arouse from his lethargy; in fact, he did not notice the offered hand.
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So I forced myself from my lethargy of despair and grief; and this thought, the sweetest thought of all my life, may or may not have been my unrealized stimulus ere now; it was in very deed my most conscious and perpetual spur henceforth until the end.
That done, they gave him cordial and some toast, and presently a pretty strong composing-draught, under the influence of which he soon fell into a lethargy, and, for a time, forgot his troubles.
arise!" Startled from his lethargy by that direful cry, Jonah staggers to his feet, and stumbling to the deck, grasps a shroud, to look out upon the sea.
But at the first words he uttered the comte roused himself from the kind of lethargy in which he had sunk.
His gaze upon her seemed to arouse her as from a lethargy. She glanced up at him, a quick, brave smile touching her lips, and then, as though the act was involuntary, she came close to his side and placed one of her hands in his.