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The development or design of the shape of an alphabet letter.
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(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) typography the shape of a letter or character
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(ˈlɛt ərˌfɔrm)

the shape of a letter of the alphabet with regard to its design or historical development.
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When there's no readable message, the message is the letterform itself - its beauty, proportion and composition." Today, gender has become a prism to map one's journey through different walks of life.
Dwiggins: A Life in Design, a crowdfunded book published by the Letterform Archive, has received glowing reviews in just about every other publication interested in printing history, so it seemed a better fit for Printing History to go behind the scenes into the making of the publication with the author himself, not only to understand how this crowdfunded work relates to printing practices in the present, but to reward fans of the book with further information and anecdotes about the "world of WAD." Dwiggins stepped out of the shadow of the Bible more so than some of his contemporaries.
Logos consist of various elements like wordmarks, emblems, letterform marks, abstract or symbolic marks and typefaces in addition to colors.
(16) See, for instance Multilingual practices in the history of written English (Tampere), Medieval Nordic Text Archive (Oslo), Bilingualism in Medieval Ireland--Language choice as a part of intellectual culture (Galway and Utrecht), Mediaeval Latin from Anglo-Saxon sources (Zurich), ORIFLAMMS (Ontology Research, Image Features, Letterform Analysis on Multilingual Medieval Scripts, France).
The ring-type wearable device that Fujitsu Laboratories developed identifies the fingertip movements users make as they write in the air, and recognizes that tracing as a letterform. By writing in the air with one's fingertip, operators can select menu options or make memos on photos that they take in the field.
Though multimodality approaches specific graphological aspects that mean something because of their visual nature, such as layout, colour and letterform, many questions remain unanswered because it has not covered all issues within this level of linguistic analysis, nor has it treated them deeply enough.
For the new logo, CBX added a touch of uniqueness to the 'q' in Satinique and mirrored the letterform in a rejuvenating drop icon that sits with the brand mark.
Only 11 apostles are sitting in a semi-circle against a floriated, architecturally inspired letterform as if Matthias has not yet been selected (Acts 1:26).
By dissolving the letterform, Recensions [beta] and [gamma] eliminate features which would not conform to the narrative's overall idealization of Alexander.
That's despite its rich and vibrant artistic past and present, not to mention its undeniable influence on design and letterform in pop culture today.
His second semiotic principle of experiential metaphor refers to 'the metaphoric potential of specific features of letterform' (2005, p.