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Noun1.leucocytozoon - parasitic in birds
sporozoan - parasitic spore-forming protozoan
genus Leucocytozoan, genus Leucocytozoon - a genus of protoctist
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A nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR), targeting the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene of Haemoproteus species, Plasmodium species, and Leucocytozoon species, was performed on frozen tissue samples collected at necropsy.
Evcil ve yabani kanatlilarda Plasmodium, Haemoproteus, Leucocytozoon ve Trypanosoma soylarina bagli kan protozoonlari gorulmekte ve bu parazitler cesitli kan emen sineklerle nakledilmektedir (1-3).
A new PCR assay for simultaneous studies of Leucocytozoon, Plasmodium, and Haemoproteus from avian blood.
Haemoproteus spp., Leucocytozoon spp., Plasmodium spp., Trichomonas spp., Eimeria spp., Sarcosystis spp., Babesia spp.
We performed a nested PCR with specific primers for haemosporidian parasites (Hellgren et al., 2004) to determine infection status and to amplify a fragment of the mtDNA cytochrome b gene (~480 bp) of Plasmodium, Haemoproteus, and Leucocytozoon parasites.
Sehgal RN, Valkiunas G, Iezhova TA, Smith TB.Blood parasites of chickens in Uganda and Cameroon with molecular descriptions of Leucocytozoon schoutedeni and Trypanosoma gallinarum.
The parasites of genera Haemoproteus, Plasmodium, and Leucocytozoon are well-known avian haematozoa and can cause declined productivity and high mortality in wild birds.
Because speciation of Haemoproteus and Leucocytozoon is difficult based on morphology alone (Ziman et al.
Blood parasites (hematozoa) occur in the plasma (Trypanosoma) and within the blood cells (Plasmodium, Leucocytozoon and Haemoproteus) of a number of avian species.