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also leu·co·der·ma  (lo͞o′kə-dûr′mə)

leu′ko·der′mal, leu′ko·der′mic adj.
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(ˌluːkəʊˈdɜːmə) ,




(Pathology) any area of skin that is white from congenital albinism or acquired absence or loss of melanin pigmentation. Also called: vitiligo See also albino
ˌleucoˈdermal, ˌleucoˈdermic, ˌleukoˈdermal, ˌleukoˈdermic adj
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leucodermia, leucoderma

a congenital deficiency of skin pigmentation that resul ts in white patches over the surface of the skin.
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Repigmentation of leucodermic defects in piebaldism by dermabrasion and thin split-thickness skin grafting in combination with minigrafting.
Stephen's day comes to its climax when the narrator tells us of his "quasisensation" of Bloom's "concealed identity": "The traditional figure of hypostasis, depicted by Johannes Damascenus, Lentulus Romanus and Epiphanius Monachus as leucodermic, sesquipedalian with winedark hair" (17.782, 783-85).