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n. leucaferesis, separación de leucocitos de la sangre de un paciente con subsecuente retransfusión al mismo paciente.
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the day clinic contains 42 therapy places plus 5 treatment places for leukapheresis.
They are all currently autologous --that is white cells are harvested from the patient by Leukapheresis, sent to a central facility, genetically transformed by virus and, after extensive QC, sent back for infusion into the patient.
In conjunction, the patients eligible for randomisation and treatment are those who have undergone debulking surgery, a cell line has been established, undergone leukapheresis from which sufficient monocytes were obtained as well as have an ECOG performance grade of zero or one (Karnofsky score of 70-100%), said the company.
Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent to Cesca Therapeutics for a method ogf separating rare, therapeutically critical target cells from blood, bone marrow, leukapheresis product, and other cell sources, while maintaining the viability of the cells under asceptic conditions.
The leukapheresis team in the department of haematology at UHW successfully obtained cells of a high enough quality from the patient to enable the company - TC BioPharm - to manufacture ImmuniCell for a full course of treatment.
Leukapheresis may be considered in the first trimester to delay chemotherapy.
procedure type (plasmapheresis, photopheresis, leukapheresis, plateletpheresis, LDL apheresis, erythrocytaperesis, lymphapheresis, lipidpheresis), and technologies (centrifugation, membrane filtration).
On the donor side, the primary endpoint of the study is the ability of a single injection of BL-8040 to mobilize sufficient amounts of cells for transplantation following up to two leukapheresis collections.
They may need a specific type of apheresis, called leukapheresis, to help remove some of the excessive numbers of white blood cells from the blood stream.
Following leukapheresis and systemic chemotherapy, the mass disappeared.
USPRwire, Tue Sep 22 2015] Apheresis Market by Application (Plasmapheresis, Plateletpheresis, Erythrocytapheresis, Leukapheresis, and Photopheresis), Procedure (Therapeutic Apheresis, Donor Apheresis/Apheresis Blood Donation), Technology & by Product - Global Forecast to 2020