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or leu•co•ma

(luˈkoʊ mə)

a dense white opacity of the cornea.
[1700–10; < New Latin leucoma. See leuko-, -oma]
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Noun1.leukoma - eye disease consisting of an opaque white spot on the cornea
eye disease - any disease of the eye
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Bravo swiftly created, on the spot, a Powerpoint presentation for members of the media, despite having low vision since birth due to corneal leukoma, thanks to the guidance of a robotic voice which constantly dictated which keys she pressed, as well as options for layout and animation.
Severe corneal leukoma and vascularization were observed in examination of the anterior segment in the patient who had no systemic disease except hypertension.
Peters' anomaly is a rare congenital ocular anomaly caused by defective dysgenesis and cleavage of the anterior chamber of the eye causing central corneal opacity (leukoma), absence of the posterior corneal stroma and Descemet membrane, and a variable degree of iris and lenticular attachments to the central aspect of the posterior cornea (1).
"My Negritude is not a stone, its deafness hurled against the clamor of the day My Negritude is not a leukoma of dead liquid over the earth's dead eye My Negritude is neither tower nor cathedral It plunges into the red flesh of the soil It plunges into the ardent flesh of the sky It breaks through the opaque prostration with its upright patience" (Garraway 74) Cesaire's work takes on the negative derogations often associated with Blackness and instead proposes his own understanding of Blackness as being as universal as the sky and the soil, not dark, but opaque.