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, leukopathy
n. leucopatía, albinismo, falta de pigmentación.
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For MRI, we have information indicating the presence of atrophy, diffuse or focal changes; moreover, imaging supplies other types of information regarding vascular comorbidities (leukopathy, ischemic lesions, angiopathy, etc.) or ventricular dilation that can explain partially the clinical presentation.
Perinatal asphyxia, metabolic diseases, cerebral dysgenesis, familial consanguinity, dysmorphism and non-specific white matter changes (leukopathy) in MRI constituted more than 87.2% of the etiology of GDD in the studied children.
(9,13,14) Nonspecific white matter changes not typical of known leukodystrophy marked as leukopathy as an etiologic cause for GDD were higher compared to previous reports.