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n. leucotriquia, blancura del cabello.
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Although there was no significant difference in the distribution of sex, duration of disease (>3 years/≤3 years), presence of pruritus preceding the onset of HN, accompanied lesional leukotrichia, or family history of premature hair greying between the two groups, patients with HNV showed a trend toward a positive family history of premature hair greying.
A questionnaire including family history of vitiligo, autoimmune and endocrine diseases such as pernicious anemia, diabetes mellitus, connective tissue disease, Addison disease and leukotrichia (before the age of 30), was prepared and completed.
8] or H) mainly described in animals fed with an excess of egg white which contain avidin, a molecule that complexes the biotin and prevents its absorption in intestine and clinically observed with erythema, facial and periorbital alopecia, generalized scaling, leukotrichia, dull and brittle hair
Most of the causative Chinese herbal medicines were those used to treat osteopathy, arthropathy, dermatosis, gastropathy, leukotrichia, alopecia, and gynecologic diseases.