level down

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w>level down

vt sep (lit)einebnen; (fig)auf ein tieferes Niveau bringen or herabsetzen; salariesnach unten angleichen
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But Wales are at the top of the next level down from the four semi finalists.
Slater said: "The skill level down there was really high across the board.
These partnerships can be formed at a local level such as on Anglesey or at a national level down in Cardiff Bay.
Allowing traffic to move from the dock level down to the ground, or from the ground into the back of a truck, a portable steel yard ramp helps loading/unloading flow smoothly.
One new measurement will take the blood alcohol level down to 20mg per 100mls - that's the equivalent of a few mouthfuls of beer.
Not only could we be paying out Europe's biggest ever jackpot, but we could be creating several UK millionaires in the next prize level down.
Since I don't think it's god who decides what pay nHS staffgets, it must be decided one level down - senior managers.
All units come standard with a built in silencer that brings the sound level down as low as 62dB.