level down

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w>level down

vt sep (lit)einebnen; (fig)auf ein tieferes Niveau bringen or herabsetzen; salariesnach unten angleichen
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"Maybe I need to play a level down to get some matches and build my game up a little bit before I start playing on the Tour again."
Mesut Ozil just doesn't have that, he's too nice, and that's why he will only ever be talked about as a player who operated at the next level down despite everything he has achieved with Germany and Real.
#MarikinaRiver water level DOWN to 15.3 meters as of 7:40 p.m.(1st ALARM)
The rain and the hailstorm also brought the mercury level down in the region.
Many patients with high blood pressure require three or more medications to bring their systolic level down. Even then, achieving a level as low as 120 mm Hg may be impossible for some.
But Wales are at the top of the next level down from the four semi finalists.