level out

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يُصْبِح ُ مُسْتَوِيا
narovnat se
flade ud
egyenesen folytatódik
verîa flatur/sléttur
aynı hizaya gelmek

w>level out

vi (also level off)
(ground)eben or flach werden; (fig)sich ausgleichen, sich einpendeln; (output, growth)sich stabilisieren
(Aviat, pilot) → das Flugzeug abfangen; (plane)sich fangen; (after rising) → horizontal fliegen
vt sep siteplanieren, einebnen; (fig) differencesausgleichen


(ˈlevl) noun
1. height, position, strength, rank etc. The level of the river rose; a high level of intelligence.
2. a horizontal division or floor. the third level of the multi-storey car park.
3. a kind of instrument for showing whether a surface is level. a spirit level.
4. a flat, smooth surface or piece of land. It was difficult running uphill but he could run fast on the level.
1. flat, even, smooth or horizontal. a level surface; a level spoonful (= an amount which just fills the spoon to the top of the sides).
2. of the same height, standard etc. The top of the kitchen sink is level with the window-sill; The scores of the two teams are level.
3. steady, even and not rising or falling much. a calm, level voice.
verbpast tense, past participle ˈlevelled , (American) ˈleveled
1. to make flat, smooth or horizontal. He levelled the soil.
2. to make equal. His goal levelled the scores of the two teams.
3. (usually with at) to aim (a gun etc). He levelled his pistol at the target.
4. to pull down. The bulldozer levelled the block of flats.
ˈlevelness noun
level crossing
a place where a road crosses a railway without a bridge.
level-ˈheaded adjective
calm and sensible.
do one's level best
to do one's very best.
level off
to make or become flat, even, steady etc. After rising for so long, prices have now levelled off.
level out
to make or become level. The road levels out as it comes down to the plain.
on a level with
level with. His eyes were on a level with the shop counter.
on the level
fair; honest.