level up

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w>level up

vt sep (lit)ausgleichen; salariesangleichen; (fig)auf ein höheres Niveau bringen; you sit on the other side of the boat and that’ll level it updu setzt dich auf die andere Seite des Bootes, dann ist das Gleichgewicht (wieder) hergestellt
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today announced it is partnering with Level Up, LLC to power California's most prestigious fighting game tournament, Southern California Regionals, Oct.
Last month Eugene tech entrepreneurs Chad Barczak and Jeff Kast teamed up with longtime arcade game collector Josh Docherty, who knows how to keep geriatric machines running, to open Level Up in the former The District nightclub at 1290 Oak St.
2, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Parish Episcopal School and Level Up Village announced today the formation of a multifaceted educational partnership.