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Variant of leveler.
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(ˈlɛvələ) or


1. a person or thing that levels
2. a person who works for the abolition of inequalities
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(ˈlɛv ə lər)

1. Chiefly Brit. leveler.
2. (cap.) a member of a radical group organized during the English Civil War, advocating political equality and religious tolerance.
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Noun1.leveller - a radical who advocates the abolition of social distinctions
radical - a person who has radical ideas or opinions
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, (US) leveler
nGleichmacher m; death is a great levellerder Tod macht alle (Menschen) gleich
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In England, as I dare say you know, sir, the law is a great leveller. I have heard that it is not quite so in your country, but over here we all stand equal in its sight."
Grief is such a leveller, with its own dignity and its own humility, that the noble and the peasant, the beggar and the monarch, will waive their pretensions to external rank without the officiousness of interference on our part.
"Shoot with them, quotha?" cried Aylward in high disdain, for pressing danger is the great leveller of classes.
Yet such a leveller of emotions and an adjuster of disparate dispositions is Time that when they rounded their fourth year, Martin viewed his life, with a few reservations, as fairly satisfactory.
There is in the world a very aged rioter and demagogue who breaks into the most refined retreats with the dreadful information that all men are brothers, and wherever this leveller went on his pale horse it was Father Brown's trade to follow.
A lively quarrel ensued, Trefusis denouncing the folly of artists in fancying themselves a priestly caste when they were obviously only the parasites and favored slaves of the moneyed classes, and his friend (temporarily his enemy) sneering bitterly at levellers who were for levelling down instead of levelling up.
Edwards Recycling, a leading deliverer of resource and waste management services to businesses in and around London, reports it has increased its productivity by 20% thanks to the installation of a new dock leveller from THORWORLD INDUSTRIES.
Its a common observation that crop fields in Pakistan are not levelled as per desired standards and those that give the look of even surface are mostly found uneven when checked by laser land leveller'.
The Leveller Revolution: Radical Political Organisation in England, 1640-1650
About estimated price of a land laser leveller, the official informed that its price varies with respect to manufacturing companies.
Arbroath 1 Queen of the South 1 EUAN SMITH insists not even a last-minute leveller from champions-elect Queens could wreck the best week of his career.