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The Rating Watch Negative is based on Fitch's assumption that this will be a leveraging transaction, though the issuer has not yet disclosed details on the transaction's financing nor the combined entity's post-closing capitalization.
In between the major thoughts of variables, the pattern of relationship can be shown the conceptual frame work on better framework of the leveraging strategy on firm performance.
If assets have a leveraging impact on equity, in principle, we should measure the resulting outcome by the elasticity of equity (E) with respect to assets (A), defined as [DELTA]E/E / [DELTA]A/A = [DELTA]E / [DELTA]A x A/E where AE is the change in equity, [DELTA]A, the change in assets, and A/E is the conventional leverage measure.
This testimony presents the results of that study, and discusses (1) how leveraging and deleveraging by financial institutions may have contributed to the crisis, (2) how federal financial regulators limit the buildup of leverage; and (3) the limitations the crisis has revealed in regulatory approaches used to restrict leverage and regulatory proposals to address them.
Enhance your value by leveraging your appeal and your reach.
This concept was expanded in The Business Value Web (National Association of College and University Business Officers, 2003) to suggest that maximizing value could be an effective unifying principle for leveraging all of the resources available to colleges and universities.
Leveraging the same highly flexible, firmware-upgradeable Emulex HBA architecture that HP has used for years helps ensure that customers experience a seamless migration path for integration of the Emulex-based Fibre Channel Mezzanine card into HP BladeSystem for SAN connectivity.
Leveraging the economies of scale associated with desktop PC and consumer applications, ATA disk drives have experienced significant growth in capacity while sustaining remarkable reductions in average cost per gigabyte.
The discussion above focused on minimizing transfer taxes and creating wealth by leveraging gift tax exclusions and discounts.
Start with believers (i.e., people who are interested in sharing and leveraging knowledge around a common goal or job function).
Hyperion Performance Suite, Hyperion says, "provides an intuitive, Web-based dashboard interface that enables every employee across the enterprise to benefit from insightful analyses and reports." Leveraging data from existing enterprise systems, Hyperion Performance Suite provides users with sophisticated query and analysis capabilities that turn raw data into information useful for understanding and making decisions that leverage business opportunities.