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n. Archaic

[Middle English levene, levin; see leuk- in Indo-European roots.]


an archaic word for lightning
[C13: probably from Scandinavian; compare Danish lygnild]
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When Oblonsky asked Levin what had brought him to town, Levin blushed, and was furious with himself for blushing, because he could not answer, "I have come to make your sister-in-law an offer," though that was precisely what he had come for.
Kitty was still a child when Levin left the university.
But Levin was in love, and so it seemed to him that Kitty was so perfect in every respect that she was a creature far above everything earthly; and that he was a creature so low and so earthly that it could not even be conceived that other people and she herself could regard him as worthy of her.
Levin's conviction that it could not be was founded on the idea that in the eyes of her family he was a disadvantageous and worthless match for the charming Kitty, and that Kitty herself could not love him.
The families of the Levins and the Shtcherbatskys were old, noble Moscow families, and had always been on intimate and friendly terms.
British journalist Angela Levin who published a biography in 2018 titled 'Harry: A Biography of a Prince,' revealed that it was hard for former American actress Meghan Markle who married Prince Harry in May 2018, to settle into royal life.
LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Actor Charles Levin, who appeared in "Seinfeld," is believed to have died after his car became trapped along a remote road in the northwestern US state of Oregon, officials said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 11, 2019-Easterly Buys Levin Capital Strategies Institutional Business
Stephanie Harris is joining North Plainfield-based Levin Management Corp.
Following a much-discussed appearance on this weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live," Kanye West sat down with TMZ's Harvey Levin on Monday and discussed a wide range of topics: the 13th Amendment; the reaction to his "Make America Great Again" hat on SNL; and the fact that his next album will be delayed until November.
Smithton, PA, September 15, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Levin Furniture is gearing up to open its new Hermitage store, the second of three new showrooms the retailer is debuting in the Youngstown, Ohio market.
For Hanoch Levin, a great Israeli playwright, author, and poet born in 1943, death was the one and only true muse, the great and bottomless well of inspiration.