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adj. lewd·er, lewd·est
a. Preoccupied with sex and sexual desire; lustful.
b. Obscene; indecent.
2. Obsolete Wicked.

[Middle English leued, unlearned, lay, lascivious, from Old English lǣwede, ignorant, lay.]

lewd′ly adv.
lewd′ness n.
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Adv.1.lewdly - in a lewd and obscene manner; "he had seen how in their dances the white men and women held one another obscenely"
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[ˈluːdlɪ] ADVlascivamente
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advanzüglich; he spoke lewdly about his amorous adventureser erzählte lüstern or in anzüglicher Weise von seinen amourösen Abenteuern
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Pure bred Hen: 1, Jane Barton, 2,3, Steve Lewdly. Pure bred Cockerel: 1,2,3, Steve Leadley.
No word at this reporting from the noisy one, who lewdly took control of the initial give-and-take blabbing part of his scheduled world welterweight title fight with the legendary Manny Pacquiao.
The Alsatian thrust its nose into her lap, sniffing lewdly.
One Video posted by student's from a well-known medical school shows students parodying a popular rap song and dancing lewdly with skeletons.
Alexander was arrested by the FBI at Albuquerque International Sunport and was being transported by authorities when he invoked President Trump's words, likely referencing the 2005 Access Hollywood tape that captured the president speaking lewdly about women and bragging that when you're famous "you can do anything," including grabbing women by their genitals.
The Facebook endorsement came two weeks before the "Access Hollywood" tape emerged, featuring Trump bragging and speaking lewdly about kissing and groping women without their consent.
Uson was recently in hot water after Olivar, a co-host of her online show, danced lewdly supposedly to create public awareness about federalism.
The mischief that the law seeks to remedy is adults lewdly exposing themselves to children and the object to be attained is to deter such behavior, the court continued.
(194.) "Every person who willfully and lewdly [e]xposes his
(51) The California obscenity statute provided: Every person who willfully and lewdly, either ...
Cecco has generally also been presumed to be the model for some of what have been seen as the artist's most morally problematic works: the brazen, grinning youth posed lewdly as victorious Cupid, and the naked, hairless young Saint John embracing a sheep in two versions of a distinctly disturbing composition.