lexical ambiguity

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Noun1.lexical ambiguity - the ambiguity of an individual word or phrase that can be used (in different contexts) to express two or more different meanings
equivocalness, ambiguity - unclearness by virtue of having more than one meaning
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lexical ambiguity concerns the "relatedness of the meanings."
1986, 'Lexical complexity and fixation times in reading: Effects of word frequency, verb complexity, and lexical ambiguity', Memory & Cognition, 14.3, pp.
Lexical ambiguity is the result of individual word interpretations.
A normative study about lexical ambiguity in Spanish, in children and adults.
Lexical ambiguity is a pervasive feature of natural languages.
In the paper the lexical ambiguity resolution is presented.
Research on the effect of lexical ambiguity on eye movements has yielded some interesting results with respect to how such words are processed during reading (see Duffy, Kambe, & Rayner, 2001, for a recent review).
The results suggest that the detection of lexical ambiguity develops in first grade, correlates highly with reading readiness measures, and is a strong predictor of second-grade reading ability, indicating that it is a precursor of reading skill.
He also believes that corpora can be effective in the teaching of those bottom-up skills, especially when readers are confronted with the lexical ambiguity characteristic of so many words in English.
Hence, it is no coincidence that the verbs and nouns selected for many studies of lexical ambiguity resolution in linguistics and NLP have either homonymous senses or distinct polysemous ones.