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The process or work of writing, editing, or compiling a dictionary.

lex′i·co·graph′ic (-kə-grăf′ĭk), lex′i·co·graph′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
lex′i·co·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.lexicographical - of or relating to lexicography


[ˌleksɪkəʊˈgræfɪkəl] ADJlexicográfico
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Romen de Hooghe's Hieroglyphica: an ambivalent lexicographical history of religion, popularizing radical ideas in the Dutch art world of the early 18th century: Willem Goeree (1635-1711) and Arnold Houbraken (166-1719), and between the catechism and the microscope: the world of Johannes Duijkerius.
Samuel Johnson's dictionary had been the standard for years, but Webster, perhaps egotistically, assumed the mantle of America's lexicographical savior.
This milestone was considered very relevant, since the process of evaluating a dictionary (based on our case in 25 items) placed the students in a context of necessary reflection about the elements presented by each lexicographical resource, prompting them to reflect on the relevance or of them.
The "3" was chosen in lieu of "E" in an attempt at a clever lexicographical effect; entrepreneurs don't need to be necessarily smart, they just need to reliably display sociopathic traits.*
Some time ago, Lope Blanch (1968, p.58, our translation) affirmed that "the most researched field of Spanish-American linguistics is the lexicographical one" (6).
This will be performed through the following steps: defining the structure of the orographic lexicon within the Kildin Saami language; conducting a componential and culturological analysis of the studied lexical set; and comparing the interpretations of the lexical meanings of lexemes in the Kildin Saami orographic subset found in the lexicographical and ethnographical sources and in the field research materials.
This article deals with the definition of meanings, which authors like Schierholz (2015) consider one of the tasks of lexicographical practice.
Heavily influenced by Quentin Skinner, Scott utilizes both intellectual- and cultural-historical methods as well as a lexicographical approach in her exploration of seventeenth-century literature, which she maintains "provides the most complete account of a concept's historical meanings and their shifts over time" (10).
Launched in September 2015 Oxford Global Languages (OGL) is a major initiative from Oxford Dictionaries which aims to build dictionaries and lexicographical resources for around 100 of the world's languages and to make them available online.
The coefficient matrix of the basis is triangular when using lexicographical Groobner basis in the computation, and the last row solves single-variable equations.
Even more so in the following chapter are O'Neill Lane's travails situated within the broader framework of the Gaelic Revival--where he was not the only one involved in lexicographical work.
One feasible solution to this problem in our understanding of the background to the Greek-Arabic translation movement is to implement a comprehensive comparison of Syriac and Arabic translations by means of lexicographical analysis.