(lĕz) or lez·zie (lĕz′ē)
n. pl. lez·zes or lez·zies Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a lesbian.

[Shortening and alteration of lesbian.]
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(ˈlɛzɪ) or


slang a lesbian
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Those who are in the know sat up and noticed LadyHood's 2015 release "Naked," the first single from her EP Finger On The Pulse (and the unabashedly lezzie video.
The three co-hosts each presented one of the three contestants: Lezzie Van Dersnatch, Ilene Dover, and Bufford.
Call me old-fashioned, but I've never seen anyone snort coke or share a gay kiss (except that lezzie snog on Brookside, and I don't think that counts).
The teenage slob from BBC's Little Britain is famous for calling her mates "slag" and "lezzie".
To this end, the women produce a regular sex-toy advice column, which is published in Lezzie Smut (a Vancouver lesbian sex magazine), The Open Door (a newsletter for Northern BC/Yukon lesbians), and Womyns' Ware's own website and sex-toy guide.
Hottie Mandahla Rose in the excellent lezzie Aussie road flick, All About E
Not lezzie ones but ones with guys submitting to women and getting hit and so on.
Dad works as a foreman on a building site and he just said, "Oh God, not a lezzie in the family, don't let the blokes at work know." He's been fine because he'd seen me so upset with boys.
I did have a boyfriend but he admitted he got fed up with people teasing him about being seen with 'the lezzie'.