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(Currencies) a former small coin of various European countries
[C16: after G. Liard, French minter]


(ˈliːɑːd; liːˈɑːd; -ˈɑː)
(Placename) a river in W Canada, rising in the SE Yukon and flowing east and then northwest to the Mackenzie River. Length: 885 km (550 miles)


(ˈli ɑrd, liˈɑrd, -ˈɑr)

a river in W Canada, flowing from S Yukon through N British Columbia and the Northwest Territories into the Mackenzie River. 550 mi. (885 km) long.
References in classic literature ?
Big blanks, little blanks, targes* and eagle liards showered into it.
Burns sitting wedged up with coils of rope on the stern-grating, and from the depths of his overcoat steering the ship with very white bony hands; while Ransome and I rushed along the decks letting go all the sheets and hal- liards by the run.
She had not a liard. Her last sou had furnished the breakfast of the preceding day.