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n. Informal
A proponent of liberation for a group.


an informal word for liberationist


(ˈlɪb ər)

Informal. an advocate or member of a social liberation movement: a women's libber.
[1970–75, lib (eration) + -er1]
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Noun1.libber - a supporter of feminismlibber - a supporter of feminism    
feminist movement, women's lib, women's liberation movement, feminism - the movement aimed at equal rights for women
crusader, meliorist, reformer, reformist, social reformer - a disputant who advocates reform
suffragette - a woman advocate of women's right to vote (especially a militant advocate in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the 20th century)


[ˈlɪbəʳ] N women's libberfeminista mf
animal libberdefensor(a) m/f de los animales
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She blames their fresh behavior on their Black Panther mother and women's libber stepmother.
It's a total team effort, Kayle (Manns) is giving me great sets and our libber is being aggressive.
For any women's libber wondering why she wasn't there, the Mother, of the Mother and Child statue outside Boots, couldn't get a baby sitter.
It's not easy at this age to be in a beauty contest, but we're all doing it to show that we're still here," said Esther Libber, a 74-year-old survivor who was the contest's runner-up.
Women were still second-class citizens, and Constance became a very early women's libber.
Existing research indicates that competent communication results in the reduction of medical error (Britten, Stevenson, Barry, Barber, & Bradley, 2000), reduction in medical liability (Beckman, Markakis, Suchman, & Frankel, 1994), improved patient adherence to treatment regimens (Garrity, 1981), and increased satisfaction between patient and physician (Bartlett, Grayson, Barker, Levine, Golden, & Libber, 1984).
I was never what you would call a women's libber but I was all for women working for equal pay and not having to be dependent on men.
ii) The realization of seeds stocks for a possible wheat acreage of next partners (seeds farm) (iii) The sale the production part on the libber market, considering the price recorded in term of transfer.
I am a full-force women's libber and I know the '50s blew chunks for "homemakers," but I also dreamt of how awesome it would be just to stay home all day and make stupid leisurely decorative food.
Trish Hurley, a feisty Irish settler on The Colony, declared that she would be "your traditional women's libber here in that everyone has to do their share regardless.
From getting stabbed (while trying to rescue a girl being attacked on the street) to accidentally offending a "women's libber," he has successfully grown from an adolescent in the first book to a mature young man in the second.
The press coverage of the Montreal production a few months after the Toronto production focused primarily on Denison, hailing the playwright as "a women's libber long before it was fashionable" ("What's On").