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also li·bel·lant  (lī′bə-lənt)
The plaintiff in a case of ecclesiastical or admiralty libel.


(ˈlaɪ bə lənt)

a person who institutes a charge of libel.
Also, esp. Brit.,li′bel•lant.
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Steamship Pesaro, the same vessel but another libelant was involved in a later transaction.
Tyler's libel for divorce was dismissed on motion of the libelant (i.e., herself) at the Worcester County Supreme Judicial Court ("Tyler vs.
They are aware that unfounded aspersions on another's character are not only hurtful to the target but also potentially hurtful to the accuser, because he or she may need the target's cooperation in the future and public opinion may turn against the libelant. Whether to cast such aspersions, however, should be a matter of pragmatic politics governed by prudence and not, as Jamieson suggests, a moral imperative codified in congressional rules.
[sections] 742 (1994) ("The libelant shall forthwith serve a copy of his libel on the United States attorney for such district and mail a copy thereof by registered mail to the Attorney General of the United States) (emphasis added).