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also li·bel·lant  (lī′bə-lənt)
The plaintiff in a case of ecclesiastical or admiralty libel.


(ˈlaɪbələnt) or


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a party who brings an action in the ecclesiastical courts by presenting a libel
2. (Law) a person who publishes a libel
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Both of the South Carolina cases involved a French captor, but M'Grath concerned an American libellant, and Bolchos a British libellant (with a Spanish party also interested).
93) Consequently, the court entered a decree in favor of the libellant for the losses he sustained.
thus, if a libellant disclose that his case rests upon a trust, he,
The court held, "personal chastisement was applied to the libellant in several instances "for very trivial delinquencies" (53), where no necessity is shown for its infliction.
The project which the libellant was engaged in is not even suggestive of maritime affairs.
47) Workman involved a libellant ship owner's vessel, which was injured by the steam of a New York fire boat.
225, 230 (1840) (observing that "a libel, sued as a process in rem for a forfeiture, is in the nature of a civil action," and that the libellants therefore could file a bill of exceptions).
by the libellants either in the Saving-to-Suitors Clause or "in any