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The article, being libelous, had to be returned as impossible; and I had to renounce my dream of dragging its author into the limelight.
But while the libelous title of "A ROGUE'S LIFE" stares me in the face at the top of the page, how can I, as a rich and reputable man, be expected to communicate any further autobiographical particulars, in this place, to a discerning public of readers?
The lawsuit was filed in March 2016 and sought $50 million in damages for what the Halls said were libelous and defamatory statements made in the News.
He said the libelous words were untrue and written with the intention of tarnishing his image and credibility as a former Malaysian AG for cheap publicity.
Cam called the contents of these articles as 'libelous.'
In the resolution, the lawmaker called for the passage of a measure providing for a 'take-down clause' that would allow the government, without a need of a court order, to demand the immediate removal of social-media contents that are libelous, seditious defamatory and/or contrary to any provision of existing laws.
The proposed "take down clause" that would allow government to remove social media content deemed libelous or seditious is steadily gathering support in the House of Representatives.
Terming the video libelous, propagandist and fake, NAB said in a statement that it was an attempt to blackmail the state institution over ongoing corruption investigations against a gang of blackmailers.
She further demanded for the article to be taken down and an apology to be issued as the post was 'libelous'.
Magu had sued publishers of the Sun for a series of publications which the EFCC Chairman said were libelous and had damaged his character both nationally and internationally.
31 (Petra) - The Prosecutor-General has ordered a one-week detention for a social media user on charges of bullying, trolling, writing libelous defamatory posts against the Dead Sea floods victims and their families on social media.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 21 (ANI): A Delhi Court on Saturday granted interim order and restrained former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IREO real estate company, Ramesh Sanka, from posting libelous, malicious and scandalous messages containing name of firm's incumbent Indian Managing Director (IMD) Lalit Goyal on any social media sites.