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Noun1.liberalisation - the act of making less strict
alleviation, easement, easing, relief - the act of reducing something unpleasant (as pain or annoyance); "he asked the nurse for relief from the constant pain"
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For his part, vice president of the Union of Retail Pharmacists of Tunisia, Naoufel Amira expressed the pharmacists' concern about the risk of "undermining the pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia", noting that the eventual signing of the agreement will lead to full liberalisation of the pharmaceutical sector in the country.
Comme on s'y attendait, le document pointe une tres forte hausse de la marge de profit des distributeurs depuis la liberalisation du secteur en 2015.
Vijaywada: Senior CPM leader Prakash Karat on Sunday criticised the post-1991 liberalisation regime.
The forthcoming liberalisation of the energy market in Bulgaria is likely to lead to an increase in the prices of the electricity in the country.
These include tariff liberalisation, liberalising trade, trade remedies, expediting cooperation, the rules of origin, disputes settlement, and customs documents.
Lebanese telecoms minister Boutros Harb held meetings with advisers and officials last week seeking to find a way to relaunch the sector's liberalisation programme , as Daily Star reported.
CLECAT, the European association representing forwarding, transport, logistics and customs services, has called on the European Commission not to lose sight of its goal of full liberalisation for the road cabotage sector.
The authors of Trade Liberalisation and Poverty in South Asia argue that economic liberalization, generally, and trade policy reforms, specifically, have a role in the success (or failure) of economic performance poverty reduction efforts in South Asia.
Overall, the benefit of financial liberalisation has been that it fosters development and increases long run growth (see Fry, 1980; Lanyi and Saracoglu, 1983; World Bank, 1989; Roubin and Sala-I-Martin, 1992; Levine, 1997; Demirguc-Kunt and Detragiache, 1998).
There are differing views as to what the impact of premium liberalisation on this sector would be.