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 (lĭb′ər-ə-līz′, lĭb′rə-)
v. lib·er·al·ized, lib·er·al·iz·ing, lib·er·al·iz·es
To make liberal or more liberal: "Our standards of private conduct have been greatly liberalized ... over recent years" (Meg Greenfield).
To become liberal or more liberal.

lib′er·al·i·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
lib′er·al·iz′er n.
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In 2012, Nobel economics laureate Ronald Coase and coauthor Ning Wang of Arizona State University published a book titled How China Became Capitalist, describing the country's economic evolution after the accession of liberalizer Deng Xiaoping in 1978.
[or] likely to refashion himself at this late date as a liberalizer."
Bersani, a former communist who turned into a market liberalizer when serving as a minister in previous centre-left administrations, faces an uphill task and is not at all guaranteed to become Italy's next prime minister.
In sum, Steinfeld argues that China is turning into "an authoritarian liberalizer in the East Asian developmental tradition" (p.
In areas such as small-scale privatization, housing and price reform, Uzbekistan was a relatively quick and extensive liberalizer, and the stabilization program introduced in January 1994 was a standard IMF policy package, even though the government presented it as home-grown macropolicy.
Here he describes the impact of globalization as a potential liberalizer but sees the creation of civil society, as demonstrated by independent associations, being stifled by the ruling families.
Central Europe, in turn, is outperformed by Estonia, the most fervent liberalizer in the post-communist world.
Likewise, Science at the Borders does not address the relationship between the politics of immigration affairs, as fought by liberalizer and restrictionist politicians and organizations on the national level, and the regional variations of the immigrants' inspection and admissions process.
At first glance, the experience of Mexico, a prominent liberalizer, challenges the argument that liberalization promotes growth.
For an overview of the long term effects of liberalization and the role of Minister La Malfa, "Europe's number one liberalizer," see Pietro Alessandrini, "L'economia italiana dalla ricostruzione allo SME," in Rassegna Economica 1 (1983): 69-89.
Hu was actually far from being the liberalizer that he was made out to be, and the students knew it, but the myth of a righteous and liberal official served the students' purposes well when they began their protest actions this past April.
He is a liberalizer. Modi does not believe in privatization of state enterprises.