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tr.v. lib·er·at·ed, lib·er·at·ing, lib·er·ates
1. To set free, as from oppression, confinement, or foreign control.
2. Chemistry To release (a gas, for example) from combination.
3. Slang To obtain by illegal or stealthy action: tried to sell appliances that were liberated during the riot.

[Latin līberāre, līberāt-, from līber, free; see leudh- in Indo-European roots.]

lib′er·at′ing·ly adv.
lib′er·a′tor n.


providing freedom from restraint; freeing


[ˈlɪbəreɪtɪŋ] adj (= emancipating) → libérateur/trice
a liberating experience → une expérience libératrice
References in classic literature ?
I spent an increasing proportion of my time upon the beach, looking for some liberating sail that never appeared,--until one day there fell upon us an appalling disaster, which put an altogether different aspect upon my strange surroundings.
They had, besides this, used every art to lessen fatigue and danger to themselves and their soldiers, not killing in the fray, but taking prisoners and liberating without ransom.
The media service of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) said in a statement "Jazeera Operations Command announced liberating 30 kilometers, South of Euphrates, from ISIL.
The Iraqi forces, backed by the US-led coalition, have liberated the have been liberating towns in Mosul and were almost fully liberating the northern city.
Al-Abadi said that what concerns us is not only to liberate the land, but liberating the man and maintain his safety , and for this we prepared safe corridors for the citizens and we have a plan and strategy to restore stability in the liberated areas, calling on the international community and international organizations to help the government in this area.
The delegation appreciated Peshmerga forces for liberating their areas.
People of Golan and al-Qunaitera celebrate the anniversary victory over the enemy and liberating the whole Golan from the Israeli occupation.
The government-owned post office has issued a commemorative stamp which shows Russian and US troops liberating a death camp - but fails to mention the Brits.
It's interesting to note as war protesters gather to proclaim that we liberated Iraq for ``absolutely nothing'' that Lafayette considered liberating the ragtag colonial Americans to be absolutely everything.
If George Bush was really interested in liberating people, then he would remove Robert Mugabe.
The proper role of the Messiah in liberating Israel is not to demonstrate superior power by conquering Israel's enemies but to serve by breaking bread for them.
Real emancipation for Palestinians and Jews in Palestine is to be sought in liberating Jews from Zionism and liberating Palestinians and their land from "sea to shining sea.