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n. pl. li·ber·os
In volleyball, a defensive player who can take the position of any backcourt player but cannot block or return the ball when it is higher than the net.

[Italian, free, from Old Italian, from Latin līber; see leudh- in Indo-European roots.]


(Soccer) another name for sweeper3
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The police outfit's technical bench, headed by national team head coach Moses Epoloto, named two setters, two liberos and two right attackers.
Kath Arado has been languishing under the massive shadow that Dawn Macandili cast over the liberos in the UAAP but the Season 77 co-Rookie of the Year finally got away from the darkness.
We may not be as star-studded as the other teams, but I can assure l that we will play hard from start to finish," said Dulay, who will have veteran liberos Sha Torres and Tin Agno as well as locals Jeanie Delos Reyes, Genie Sabas, Florence Madulid, Hezzy Acuna and Janet Serafica in the fold.
Dr Nicole Prause, who runs her lab Liberos in the US, said that a person is more likely to have a better, stronger orgasm by themselves.
The coaching team presented a novel strategy for this match, since TSW had two liberos registered, who were managed cleverly by head coach Jose Castro.
Si enim quod dixit etiam stabit, omnes pariter Latinis verbis usos, mulieres et viros, servos et liberos, doctos et litteratum ignaros; cum diverssam pro vitae et morum qualitate dicendi facultatem plurimis fuisse concesserim, eos qui domestica consuetudine et studiorum flagrantia elegantissimae orationis praestantiam, quod de Cesare supra est dictum, consecuti fuerint, maioribus quam quae possent a multitudine intellegi verbis uti debuisse.
Batista, Marin e Navarro (2010) desenvolveram um estudo com 30 atletas de voleibol, genero masculino, media de idade de 26 anos, sendo 8 levantadores, 15 atacantes e 7 liberos.
70) Brutus, primus consul, liberos suos de reuocandis in urbem regibus agere cognouisset, eos protraxit in forum et in media contione uirgis caesos tandem securi percuti iussit, ut plane publicus parens in locum liberorum uideretur populum adoptasse.
No voleibol na quadra, os jogadores que sofrem mais entorse de tornozelo sao os centrais, depois os opostos, em terceiro os levantadores, em quarto os atacantes de ponta e em ultimo ocorre nos liberos (Verhagen e colaboradores.
Hos enimvero liberos dicimus, qui legibus parent: pax, ocium, tranquillitas augetur.
Etiam frater Actoris confirmat Marcum quam maxime liberos voluisse ex proprio matrimonio: <<Sicuramente per M.
Ally Crisp added nine kills and four blocks, and liberos Grace Nelson and Cheyenne Broten recorded 18 and 11 digs, respectively.