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 (lĭ-bē′dō, -bī′-)
n. pl. li·bi·dos
1. The psychic and emotional energy associated with instinctual biological drives.
a. Sexual desire.
b. Manifestation of the sexual drive.

[Latin libīdō, desire; see leubh- in Indo-European roots.]

li·bid′i·nal (-bĭd′n-əl) adj.
li·bid′i·nal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.libidinal - belonging to the libido; "libidinal impulses"; "libidinal gratification"
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And yet elevated en masse as an artwork, the dejected silli became a libidinal extension of the enthusiast/artist, embodying a compulsion whose neurotic vitality rivaled that of the culture capable of generating such odd, off-color little things.
The ordinary life of petro-politics indicates a particular link with libidinal forces, individuals beginning to adulate their cars.
God knows where they got the money to throw away a party that included paying women to perform for libidinal fun.
And it belongs in the same pantheon with a small group of iconoclastic artists, so many of them Jewish, who have redefined culture with loud and libidinal bursts of energy and made it joyous again.
Los rastrillos nulifican una enorme cantidad de energia libidinal "sucia" (no existe otra) que antes era mejor empleada en otros menesteres.
There's a similar fascination with the mundane in Thomas' storytelling, which, since the project's genesis in his late teens, has revolved with an almost comical persistence around girls, cars, partying and other libidinal projections of his "infinitely teenage heart and soul.
interrogates the dynamics of libidinal revelation in several readings of classical and more modern texts.
Testosterone (T) is the most important sex hormone for men and is not only libidinal but also anti-inflammatory; is great for the heart and mood (grumpy old men); and supports healthy bones, muscles, and prostate.
Linking money with blood and libidinal desires, the film famously challenges gender roles and identities, something on which Butler barely touches.
General organology does not mean libidinal economy in the Freudian sense.
However, haunting Dreyfus's account is a rather infelicitous (and unhistorical) comparison with previous composers: "If one thinks of suggestive scenes in, say, Poppea, Dido, Don Giovanni, Le Comle Ory, Norma, or La Traxriata, the dramatic effect depends on listeners' belief in a character's libido, though the music can scarcely be said to fuel an audience's libidinal drives" (p.
Con el aleman, formado en la Universidad Libre de Berlin, donde ha sido tambien profesor, Horst Kurnitzky y su libro La estructura libidinal del dinero, que corresponde a su Tesis Doctoral, Correa introduce una nueva perspectiva muy interesante en su texto, a saber que cuando el valor de cambio se ha escindido a tal grado del valor de uso, puede verse ello en el sentido precisamente de una supuesta "estructura libidinal del dinero".