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Noun1.library catalog - an enumeration of all the resources of a librarylibrary catalog - an enumeration of all the resources of a library
catalogue, catalog - a complete list of things; usually arranged systematically; "it does not pretend to be a catalog of his achievements"
card catalog, card catalogue - a library catalog in which each publication is described on a separate file card
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The nature of the library catalog has changed greatly in the recent past, as have the tasks involved in creating it.
This article reports the assessment of the PDA model as compared to that of the print books approval model and examines the role of the library catalog as a tool for ebook discovery and access.
If there is a need for a teen volunteer project, assign them to compare this list against the library catalog to discover which titles are lacking.
The Library Catalog as Social Space: Promoting Patron Driven Collections, Online Communities, and Enhanced Reference, and Readers' Services" discusses the role of library catalogs and their evolution in today's future-driven world.
The chapters are logically organized to lead the reader through the process of selecting and implementing a discovery interface, as evidenced by the chapter titles: "Introduction: Next-Gen Library Catalog Basics," "Planning," "Implementation, "Marketing," "Best Practices," and "Measures of Success.
The Inside Scoop: Your Library Catalog & Card" is the topic of a workshop to be offered from 4 p.
Digitizing the collection, which became more accessible through Harvard's online library catalog in 2003, allows the library to reduce physical contact with the original books while increasing scholars' access to the material.
Previous editions have been included in Guide to Reference Books, Walford's Guide to Reference Material (in the UK), Public Library Catalog, Senior High School Library Catalog, Books for College Libraries and its successor, Resources for College Libraries.
The Web page allows users to search just the University of Mississippi Library catalog (where the AICPA books and journals are located), just the DAC (for pamphlets and old exposure drafts), or both at once using the "Quick Search" box.
According to the company, library staff can now search Coutts' database of over 8m items to find a specific title, check the library catalog for duplicates, download pricing and availability information, or obtain the information to create a database record.
The site also provides access to the MIPT library catalog, along with directions for borrowing library materials.

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