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Noun1.library fine - fine imposed by a library on books that overdue when returned
amercement, fine, mulct - money extracted as a penalty
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The new display shows patrons their event registrations in addition to a list of items checked out and their due dates, patron hold requests and library fine information.
Profusely illustrated, exceptionally and impressively 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, "Celestial Watercolor" is unreservedly recommended for personal, school, and community library Fine Arts & Painting instructional reference collections.
"The fear of a library fine may be a deterrent to using the service for some people from these groups.
The system also worked to eliminate administrative barriers to degree completion such as a $50 library fine on a student's account.
Tenders are invited for provide and maintain a cost-effective point-of-sale (pos) cash drawer solution for handling library fine and fee payments and waivers at its libraries; and a cost-effective, user-friendly online fine payment system that allows library customers to pay fines online via a pci-compliant, secure site using a credit card, per specifications.
BOOKS TO GET YOUR TEETH INTO 10 food-themed book titles that might lead to a library fine: | A| a Game of scones | lard of the rings | banana Karenina | | War and Peas | One Flew Over the Couscous Nest | To Kill a Mocha Bird | The Bun Also Rises | Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Scone | Catcher in the Rye Bread | Grape of the Fair Country
However, Northumbria University insisted that the library fine system is in place as leverage for students who don't return their borrowed books on time.
The Guinness Book of Records said the largest library fine to be paid was PS203.29 for the poetry book Days And Deeds.
The first person to check in at the teen book club on Thursday gets a prize; whoever checks in at the most computer classes in January gets 30 minutes of one-on-one time with the IT trainer; the mayor gets a one-time library fine waiver.
The previous largest library fine was $292.20, paid to the Prairie Creek Library, in Dwight, Illinois for a book which was 40 years overdue.
The pair, who work under the name of 'Idea Productions' have recorded the library as part of a series of documentaries on various empty or underused buildings in the area entitled 'Tuebrook Explored.' Their images show the abandoned library - including ticket stubs for a 5p library fine - almost exactly how it was left when it closed its doors in 2006.
Their haunting images show the abandoned library - including ticket stubs for a 5p library fine - almost exactly how it was left.

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