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The emails tell you to press a link to the DVLA website for an important message, which asks for your driving licence number and payment information.
The DVLA never sends emails with links to websites asking you to confirm your driving licence number or payment information.
Drivers who were caught with intentionally wiped out or altered licence number plates to get away with speeding under the radar, also included some who came from neighbouring countries thinking they would not be caught.
Police officials also announced that their modern surveillance equipment enables them to identify such vehicles even without their licence number plates.
Registered taxis will carry a licence plate which will include the licensing authority, the licence number, how many passengers it can carry and the vehicle registration number.
A licensed driver will wear an identity badge showing the driver's photograph, licence number and licensing authority details.
(Licence number: 406390; Notification date: March 11)
(Licence number: 407594; Notification date: March 3)
But many people who wished to make a complaint failed to make a note of the cabbie's licence number. A spokesman for Liverpool city council said: "We received a lot of calls after the Grand National but were unable to help most of the people because they had no details of the specific incident or cab.
In fact, if you look on the back of your tablets next time you buy them, you''ll notice a number beginning with PL, this is the product licence number for the drug.
Before getting into a prebooked taxi the council advises customers to make sure it is licensed by checking there is a licence sticker on windscreen bearing the council logo and showing the licence number and expiry date.
But many people who wished to make a complaint had not taken the cabbie's licence number.