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Any of a group of diseases or conditions characterized by the formation and deposition of amyloid in various organs and tissues of the body.
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(Pathology) pathol the deposition of amyloid in various tissues of the body, as occurs in certain chronic infections
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Noun1.amyloidosis - a disorder characterized by deposit of amyloid in organs or tissues; often secondary to chronic rheumatoid arthritis or tuberculosis or multiple myeloma
illness, sickness, unwellness, malady - impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism
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n. amiloidosis, acumulación de amiloide en los tejidos.
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n amiloidosis f
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Dexamethasone-cyclophosphamide pulse (DCP) therapy was introduced by Pasricha and Gupta in 1982 to treat Reiter's disease.1 Subsequently, it was used to treat pemphigus,2-4 SLE,5 systemic sclerosis,6,7 pyoderma gangrenosum,8 lichen amyloidosis,9 Peyronie's disease,10 prurigo nodularis11 and also rheumatoid arthritis.12 This paper reports 5 patients of bullous pemphigoid treated with DCP therapy.
Macular or lichen amyloidosis may present with pruritic brown macules or papules, but skin biopsy will have positive amyloid staining.
Among the 20 lichen amyloidosis patients, 10 had predominant left lower limb involvement, 4 had right lower limb involvement and 2 had isolated posterior trunk involvement.
Concurrent appearance of lesions of macular and lichen amyloidosis (LA) is named as biphasic amyloidosis.
Other immunologic-associated cutaneous disorders that have been reported in HCV patients include Behcet's syndrome, erythema nodosum, lichen amyloidosis, erythema multiforme, malakoplakia, urticaria, and pruritus, Dr.
In this descriptive study, Chronic Urticaria was seen in 4 cases (2%), Colloid milia in 3 cases (1.5%), 1 case (0.5%) of Parapsoriasis, 2 cases each of Lichen amyloidosis and Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus was seen.
PCA includes the more common, papular variety (lichen amyloidosis), macular variety and nodular or tumefactive form.2 ACD uncommon subtype of PCA was initially described by Morishima in 1970.