lick off

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w>lick off

vt sepablecken; to lick something off somethingetw von etw ablecken
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Treatment includes avoiding bright sun and the use of sunscreens, although most dogs quickly lick off any sunscreen on their noses.
Having finished stuffing their faces they then go on to lick any bits of their lips and put their finger in their mouths to suck and lick off any residue.
After all, it would be the only lip balm in the world that you wouldn't lick off 10 seconds after applying it.
From Xylitol (a common sugar substitute), to Ibuprofen (resulting in liver failure about three weeks after the dog has eaten the tablets, so you may not even link the two), to blue cheese, grapes, Macadamia nuts, peanut butter (that contains Xylitol), mouldy bread, and antifreeze - which is also in the salt they put on the roads and pavements and which the dogs will then lick off their paws.
And if their paws aren't covered, pets can risk exposure to dangerous chemicals from ice-melting agents that they may then lick off of their bare paws.
Perfect your pout Night is the ideal time; when you don't have to fight the temptation to lick off the cocoa butter lip balm (we get it, it tastes incredibly delicious) or keep re-touching your lipstick.
Cats with food allergies may continually scratch their head and neck, develop tiny crusted lesions over their bodies (miliary dermatitis), lick off their fur or develop larger sores (eosinophilic granuloma complex).
Cats can be poisoned by the plant simply by brushing against the flower and getting the pollen on their coats, which they then lick off during grooming.
Even brushing against the pollen which they later lick off and swallow can cause them problems.
You either lick off all the icing first, then munch unhappily on the boring sponge, or open your mouth wider than the Channel Tunnel in a hopeless bid to fit it all in at once.
'I lick off the nacho cheese seasoning and put the chips back in the bag.