lick off

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w>lick off

vt sepablecken; to lick something off somethingetw von etw ablecken
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You either lick off all the icing first, then munch unhappily on the boring sponge, or open your mouth wider than the Channel Tunnel in a hopeless bid to fit it all in at once.
I lick off the nacho cheese seasoning and put the chips back in the bag.
Hard to tell if he was more angry with the scumbags littering his path or the fact they hadn't left enough Chicken McNuggets for him to lick off the wrapper.
One course consisted of herb-scented aspic, stencilled onto a tile in the shape of a spine which diners were expected to lick off.
Be sure to ask to have them tossed in ''crack'' -- a garlicky pepper blend that you'll want to lick off your fingers.
Hades also had visible sores on his nose and mouth from trying to clean himself and lick off whatever had caused the damage.
The dogs enjoy the two spreads, which are smeared on to their toys for them to lick off, not only providing a treat, but also a way to keep their minds active.
Cadbury Creme Egg fans in the United Kingdom and Ireland are causing all sorts of messy mayhem this Easter season - like cracking open creme eggs on their noses and then trying to lick off the gooey filling.
We visit the cows in the fields and my party trick is to sit down on the grass and see how long it takes for the cows to lick off my hat
Sexy singer Robin Von Blitz gets his groupies to lick off his sweat.
They lick off the chocolate and leave the coconut all over the loft floor, then race through it, skid into the trap and .
But my boyfriend and I didn't know we were supposed to heat it up first, so it was very hard to lick off.