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1. Lascivious; lecherous.
2. Greedy; desirous.
a. Archaic Relishing good food.
b. Obsolete Arousing hunger; appetizing.

[Middle English likerous, perhaps from Old French lecheor, lekier; see lecher.]

lick′er·ish·ly adv.
lick′er·ish·ness n.


(ˈlɪkərɪʃ) or


1. lecherous or lustful
2. greedy; gluttonous
3. appetizing or tempting
[C16: changed from C13 lickerous, via Norman French from Old French lechereus lecherous; see lecher]
ˈlickerishly, ˈliquorishly adv
ˈlickerishness, ˈliquorishness n


or liq•uor•ish

(ˈlɪk ər ɪʃ)

adj. Archaic.
1. fond of and eager for choice food.
2. greedy; longing.
3. lustful; lecherous.
[1545–55; alter., by suffix substitution, of Middle English likerous < Anglo-French *likerous, for Middle French lechereus lecherous]
lick′er•ish•ly, adv.
lick′er•ish•ness, n.
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