lickety split

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Adv.1.lickety split - without delay; "she tackled the job lickety-split"
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We were able to drop our bags in our hotel room and head off into the park lickety split, as Mary Poppins would say, and see what an Enchanted Christmas was like at Disneyland Paris.
Begging for a later bedtime, the children were promised a visit from Hilly Pilly, their dad's cousin, if they brushed their teeth and got ready for bed lickety split.
TIDY Snowdrops Lickety split, your snowdrops sorted 6 Some of the snowdrops in our garden are going over.
Grif Helwig ties on an old reliable tube lure in fluorescent pink, throws a long cast and then cranks it back lickety split.
When Robert Randolph talks about his new album, Lickety Split, a few words come up over and over- "joy," "freedom," "energy.
Pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph and his Family Band were last on Later a decade ago and they return tonight for some funk and soul from their new Lickety Split album.
Lickety split, he was up the pole with $20 in his hand.
New York, Mar 18 (ANI): With the indictment of 31 members allegedly involved in oxycodone drug trafficking, the New York prosecutors have claimed that a million dollar a year oxycodone-trafficking business that was being operated from a Lickety Split ice cream truck on Staten Island has been busted.
Brill is the creator of a string of enterprises, most recently a company called Clear, maker of the Verified Identity Pass that can whisk the user through airport security, lickety split.