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A fawning underling; a toady.
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(ˈlɪkˌspɪtəl) or


a flattering or servile person
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(ˈlɪkˌspɪt l)

also lick′spit`,

a contemptible, fawning person; a servile flatterer or toady.
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[ˈlɪkspɪtl] Ncobista mf, pelotillero/a m/f
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"I've found you out and know you thoroughly, you mean, whining lickspittle! What have you been saying all over X about me?
Not content with trying to bring you to a bed of sickness, these lickspittles and pestilent old men are trying to bring me to the same.
Still more repugnant unto me, however, are all lickspittles; and the most repugnant animal of man that I found, did I christen "parasite": it would not love, and would yet live by love.
"The fact that Sir Kim has been bullied out of his job, because of Donald Trump's tantrums and Boris Johnson's pathetic lickspittle response, is something that shames our country," she said.
Even the BBC's Nicholas Witchell, chief lickspittle to the royals, lost it when he was reporting on the royal baby news.
APART from court jesters, palace comedians and lickspittle fake intellectuals mouthing anti-corruption nonsense, serious-minded Nigerians know that what we have witnessed in the county in almost four years now is mere anti-corruption propaganda nicknamed anti-corruption war.
Oh, the Brits and their lickspittle lackeys have gone for sure, but that's about it.
God, I hope you never get it," yelled Lindsey Graham, the lickspittle Republican senator, as he turned on his Democratic opponents in front of the poor, helpless Judge Kavanaugh.
Any swaggering lickspittle can subject animals to abuse, but when an artist does so, and calls such an act 'art', he or she loses the right to be called an artist.
A Ministry of National Guidance and Political Affairs was created and Kirinyaga lickspittle operative James Njiru installed in it to enforce the new political order.It was difficult even for mildly dissenting voices to get elected or have a voice in the politics, let alone government.
One might wonder how this jives with fiction editor Lisa Ko's lickspittle: "for those of us who have been forbidden or discouraged from telling our stories, writing can be an act of survival and resistance.
There are endless wonderful insults, such as "lickspittle nicombunion", that we really do hope will catch on.