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1. Having no lid or lids.
2. Archaic Watchful; vigilant. Used of an eye or eyes.
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1. having no lid or top
2. (Anatomy) (of animals) having no eyelids
3. archaic vigilant and watchful
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(ˈlɪd lɪs)

1. without or as if without lids.
2. watchful, as with unblinking eyes; vigilant.
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Adj.1.lidless - not having or covered with a lid or lids; "a lidless container"
lidded - having or covered with a lid or lids; often used in combination; "milk is left in a large lidded mug"; "heavy-lidded eyes"
2.lidless - having no lid; "a lidless container"
topless - having no top; "a topless jar"
3.lidless - always watchful; "to an eye like mine, a lidless watcher of the public weal"- Alfred Tennyson
alert, watchful - engaged in or accustomed to close observation; "caught by a couple of alert cops"; "alert enough to spot the opportunity when it came"; "constantly alert and vigilant, like a sentinel on duty"
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ohne Deckel
eyesohne Lider
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Anger is the egg of Fear-- Only lidless eyes are clear.
I heard a short, sharp cry behind me, a fall, and turning saw an awful face rushing upon me,--not human, not animal, but hellish, brown, seamed with red branching scars, red drops starting out upon it, and the lidless eyes ablaze.
Two or three minutes later the murdered man, the blanketed corpse, the lidless coffin, and the open grave were under no inspection but the moon's.
You can scarce imagine how nauseatingly inhuman they looked--those pale, chinless faces and great, lidless, pinkish-grey eyes!--as they stared in their blindness and bewilderment.
The protruding eyes, apparently lidless, merely stared, the sphincter-like muscle of the mouth opened and closed, and then the head toppled from the body to the ground.
A yellow-and-brown streak glided from the purple rustling stems to the bank, stretched its neck to the water, drank, and lay still - a big cobra with fixed, lidless eyes.
With only a "Lidless Eye" to indicate a material form, visible when someone looks in the Palantir for example but appearing more as a feeling of evil than a real body, Sauron's physicality depends on his ability to convey his "power"--power "always said to rest in his gaze, his capacity for discernment and ...
She was a mother of stone, suckling her stone son with her hard breast, her lidless gaze keeping vigil over the nervous unease of the woodland.
After the almost-disaster with the lidless pickle jar rolling around the kitchen floor, I have tried to be more careful with lids and jars.
A George III pewter lidless tavern 'pot' with the S-shaped handle, circa 1780, engraved "Edm Thirkell / Angel Bunhill / Fields.
While Onuzulike's Ji series is a set of eccentric lidless bowls cast from concrete moulds taken from different sizes and shapes of natural yam tubers, his Yam Bodies are lidded.