lie dormant

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Verb1.lie dormant - be inactive, as if asleep; "His work lay dormant for many years"
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He tried vainly to think of her as a person to be pitied--a person with a morbidly sensitive imagination, conscious of the capacities for evil which lie dormant in us all, and striving earnestly to open her heart to the counter-influence of her own better nature; the effort was beyond him.
He was telling me this morning that, tired of letting his property lie dormant in Italy, which is a dead nation, he wished to find a method, either in France or England, of multiplying his millions, but remember, that though I place great confidence in Busoni, I am not responsible for this."
In some cases these viruses can lie dormant until periods of stress and then flare up.
Fleas can lie dormant during cold weather and come to life when warm weather occurs, multiplying rapidly.
It is believed the creatures lie dormant for years at a time and are awoken by hot weather.
"I believe I am living proof that these powers lie dormant in all of us," he writes in his book, Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel.
Shingles is caused by the same virus responsible for chicken pox, and can lie dormant in nerve roots for years.
A symbol of remembrance from the battlefields in the First World War, poppy seeds can lie dormant for 80 years.
Wong says pre-cancerous cells can lie dormant in the body until a trigger, such as radiation or a build up of mutations, pushes them into forming a tumour.
The report will now lie dormant for at least six months instead of being moved up through the UN hierarchy with a possible recommendation for war crimes tribunals.
For about 12 years, doctors have known that HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, can lie dormant in immune-system cells called resting CD4s found in the lymph nodes, spleen and blood.
The unexploded bomblets can then lie dormant for years.