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(ˈliːbfraʊˌmɪlk; German ˈliːpfraumɪlç) or


(Brewing) a white table wine from the Rhine vineyards
[German: from Liebfrau the Virgin Mary + Milch milk; after Liebfrauenstift convent in Worms where the wine was originally made]


(ˈlib fraʊˌmɪlk; Ger. ˈlip fraʊˌmɪlx)

a white wine produced chiefly in the region of Hesse in Germany.
[1825–35; < German, after Liebfrauenstift convent of the Virgin, religious establishment in Worms, where the wine was first made; see milk (German Milch)]
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Noun1.liebfraumilch - a sweetened Rhenish wine (especially one from Hesse in western Germany)
hock, Rhenish, Rhine wine - any of several white wines from the Rhine River valley in Germany (`hock' is British usage)
Deutschland, FRG, Germany, Federal Republic of Germany - a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990
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50): Sylvaner is one of the main varieties in Alsace where it holds its head up higher than in Germany, where it is typically used in liebfraumilch.
I will quite happily wash down another German success with a glass of Liebfraumilch and a giantsized Frankfurter.
99 Liebfraumilch (75cl) This German wine has a unique, light, slightly sweet taste and goes down a treat.
Don''t be misled by memories of cheap Liebfraumilch - get yourself into a good wine shop, ask nicely, and, if you''ve been good, they''ll let you saunter off with what is widely regarded as some of the best white wine in the world.
Rhine wine--or more precisely Riesling--grown near the rivers in southwestern Germany, can be a bit sweeter than a Chardonnay, but it is also spicy and complex, nothing like the saccharin Liebfraumilch that sat sweltering away in 1970s picnic baskets.
Record levels of sunshine means the land of Liebfraumilch now produces Burgundy and Bordeaux-style vintages to rival the best in the world.
The program is aimed at persuading wine drinkers that Germany produces more than just cheap Liebfraumilch.
MANY spread punters were raising a glass of liebfraumilch to the skies last night to toast Germany for the second time in the tournament.
The days of palming off old Joe from the mailroom with a clock, a leaving card and some warm Liebfraumilch within hours of his hitting retirement age may be over, but there is no immediate alternative solution if the employment tribunal in Harvest is correct and those provisions are genuinely unenforceable.
With Germany this is due to the self-inflicted image problem caused by mass export of poor wine such as Liebfraumilch as well as the current fad for higher-alcohol wines.
As Liebfraumilch goes, this one is well above average.