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n. pl. lie·der (lē′dər)
A German art song for solo voice and piano.

[German Lied, from Middle High German liet, from Old High German liod.]
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A German song style (lied = song), especially as used by Romantic composers.
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She traces changes in the music and the poetry in new additions to the Lieder repertoire through the early 20th century to the achievements of Anton Weburn some 20 years later.
Several performers have worked to correct this unfortunate situation, producing admirable recordings in hopes of gaining Liszt recognition as a lieder composer.
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The highlights for me are the Ophelia Lieder, to texts from HamktThmt are unique in Strauss's canon, with oddly captivating accompaniment that borders on atonality, and they are not often performed (Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Glenn Gould recorded them in a luscious rendition, although she was not pleased with her partner's eccentricities).
Baritone David Stout characterises the much earlier Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen wonderfully, despite an opening which sounds languorous rather than world-worn.
In the German speaking part of the world, songs of various description have been documented since the Middle Ages and with Lied (plural Lieder) simply being the German word for "song", the term refers, within German language usage, to all songs for solo voice from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.
OPERA QUEENS are not in short supply, but gay men who love Lieder seem to be few and far between.
The chapter on Liszt's lieder makes a strong case for viewing the composer as a "missing link" between Schumann and Mahler in the history of the German lied.
Now, more than 100 agents have signed on, said Romero's attorney, Michael Lieder, of the Washington, D.C.-based law firm, Sprenger & Lang.
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