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 (lēn, lē′ən)
n. Law
1. A claim upon a part of another's property that arises because of an unpaid debt related to that property and that operates as an encumbrance on the property until the debt is satisfied.
2. The right to hold another's property as security for a debt owed.

[French, tie, bond, from Old French, constraint, from Latin ligāmen, bond, from ligāre, to bind; see leig- in Indo-European roots.]

lien′a·ble adj.


(ˈlɪənəbəl; ˈliːnəbəl)
(Law) law capable of being made the subject of a lien
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It seems that the intention of the legislature was that if the improvement is the construction of a new assembly plant, then almost all of the services and materials supplied to get the line up and running would be lienable.
schemes, and value that is not lienable at all or not traceable to the
The trial court in Onionskin, however, found that the items included in the claim of lien were not lienable by any stretch of the imagination.