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"I think, sir, that the operation is nearing its completion," replied Lieutenant Bronsfield.
"These great depths," continued the lieutenant, "are not favorable for laying telegraphic cables.
The lieutenant bowed his head with military politeness and replied, "I am, sire."
The lieutenant, standing motionless, hat in hand, watched him making these evolutions, and, whilst looking at him, grumbled to himself, biting his mustache:
"We are delighted to see you, Lieutenant Godfrey," he said.
"Where in hell yeh goin'?" the lieutenant was asking in a sarcastic howl.
Lieutenant Harold Percy Smith-Oldwick, Royal Air Service, was on reconnaissance.
The serjeant then acquainted his lieutenant, who was the commanding officer, that they had picked up two fellows in that day's march, one of which, he said, was as fine a man as ever he saw (meaning the tippler), for that he was near six feet, well proportioned, and strongly limbed; and the other (meaning Jones) would do well enough for the rear rank.
"Ben Greene, I guess you are right about that," said the lieutenant. "Will you forgive me?
One is a dark beauty in the prime of womanhood--the wife of First Lieutenant Crayford, of the
"Yes, but Monsieur Groslow is not a captain of the ordinary kind; he has a lieutenant, and that lieutenant is Monsieur Mordaunt."
Lieutenant D'Arnot was in the lead and moving at a quick pace, for the trail was comparatively open.