life eternal

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: eternal - life without beginning or endlife eternal - life without beginning or end  
aliveness, animation, living, life - the condition of living or the state of being alive; "while there's life there's hope"; "life depends on many chemical and physical processes"
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I am Phaidor, daughter of Matai Shang, Holy Hekkador of the Holy Therns, Father of Therns, Master of Life and Death upon Barsoom, Brother of Issus, Prince of Life Eternal.
One of the lesser breed should feel honoured that a member of the holy race that was born to inherit life eternal should deign even to notice him.
Matai Shang went livid with anger, but upon the lips of Thurid I could see a grim smile of amusement, for to him these things were not holy; so, lest he should derive too much amusement from my act, I cried: "And thus did I with the holies of Issus, Goddess of Life Eternal, ere I threw Issus herself to the mob that once had worshiped her, to be torn to pieces in her own temple.
Baptism, our first gift of faith to our children, a tidal welcome into life eternal.
Life eternal love will remain in God's time we will meet again.
Whether the accidents of our birthplace us in an observant family or an agnostic one, whether we worship weekly or not at all, we all, when young, believe: We believe that justice is possible and life eternal, we believe that fate is pliable and love forever renewed, we believe in our parents no matter their flaws and in the world no matter how cutting.
We know and believe this to be the suffering, death and resurrection to life eternal of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ.
Unlike the manna that provided sustenance for a while, Jesus is the source of life eternal.
Believers will enjoy life eternal in the Kingdom of God on the new earth, while non believers will be consigned to death for eternity.
The great religions succeeded in turning people's wretched earthly existence into a time of voluptuous expectation: at the end of this valley of tears lay life eternal in God.
In a final chapter, he shows that philosophy prepares one, but does not compel one, to accept the biblical account of life eternal.
O Saviour Christ, who on the cruel tree For all mankind thy precious blood has shed; In Life Eternal trusting, we To thy safe keeping leave our dead.