life net

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life′ net`

a strong net or the like held by firefighters or others to catch persons jumping from a burning building.
[1905–10, Amer.]
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2m in Q2 '12, driven by strong investment and savings products performance and growth in term life net premium, partially offset by lower net investment income.
Project; 'VOL-Net'-Voice Of Life Net, patients and networks for listening to voices together; Yamanashi Mamma Club; Yamabuki no Kai; Rimpa no Kai
After the end of that video and after another interval, the third part began: From a point soaring through the air, the camera peered out over a dense forest and then arrived at a patch of treeless land where a circle of people held a firefighter's life net outstretched.
Life Net Nature, an Arizona-based wildlife research and conservation group, supports this decision and calls for a conservation program led by the Service to restore the jaguar to its historic range in the United States.
She didn't do it, and I didn't think about it again until Life Net called after Bob returned from the hospital.
Furthermore, United Heritage Life has experienced steadily increasing ordinary life net premium trends, which are favorably affected by solid sales of its traditional, preneed and final expense products distributed through multiple distribution channels.
Excluding the impact of foreign exchange, Life net written premiums for the first quarter of 2009 would have been up 8% year over year.
Life net flows top $5 billion; Property and casualty reports ongoing operations combined ratio of 91.
Best believes that distractions related to the reconciliation and review process have affected management's ability to execute ILNA's business and marketing plans as illustrated by the consistent pattern of declining ordinary life net premium trends in recent years.
This follows the more than doubling of life net profits reported in 2004.
The study was developed by analyzing the results of 48 major life and multi-line insurers from Q1 1998 through Q1 2003 using a market capitalization model that incorporated life net premiums, property/casualty net premiums, accident & health net premiums, annuity net deposits and cash dividends.