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business office, office - place of business where professional or clerical duties are performed; "he rented an office in the new building"
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What we need is for the Student Life Offices to remember their original purpose, which is enhancing students' campus experience and helping to provide innovative events on campus, and move away from a custodial obligation.
During the First World War it was one of the first life offices to pay in full all claims resulting from war injuries, even though it was not legally obliged to do so.
The $19 million, 56,000square-foot building will house a bookstore, a security department office, student affairs and student life offices conference and club rooms, a "noisy" room with large-screen TVs for gaming and a quiet study room.
The approximately 27,000-SF structure housed the dining hall, student life offices, game room and campus bookstore.
The day might be broken up with further meetings with representatives from various Life Offices, but I'll spend the bulk of my time doing what I love most, which is dealing with clients and providing advice on personal pensions," revealed James, who clearly enjoys his job.
The presence of monks who lived in Cardiff 700 years ago has been noted in a newly unveiled blue plaque at the Canada Life offices in Kingsway, Cardiff.
But many life offices, including most of the providers running the pounds 85bn held in with-profits funds that are closed to new business, are expected to announce either minimal bonuses or none at all.
Sales of corporate and private pensions are key for life offices and if employees transferred their pensions to the state scheme it would hit the industry hard, Mark FitzPatrick, head of insurance at business adviser Deloitte, said"The life and pensions industry would expect to lose up to 30 per cent of its revenue, putting up to 50,000 jobs at risk.
Situated in the former Swiss Life offices in Crosby Road North, the project benefits from donations of equipment from big employers like Unilever, Barclays and Alliance and Leicester.
The increase has shot Scottish Friendly into the top four UK-based life offices.
Under the arrangement, Sakura will set up centers to handle mortgages at Mitsui Mutual Life offices, while Sakura will offer its customers a range of financial products the two allies have sold to help wealthy clients manage their assets.
In recent years borrowers have received letters from life offices advising them to increase their monthly premiums to avoid threatened shortfalls.