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Of or relating to the methods, equipment, or conditions needed to sustain life.


of or providing the equipment required to sustain human life in an unnatural environment, such as in space, or in severe illness or disability


of or pertaining to equipment or measures that sustain or artificially substitute for essential body functions, as breathing, or that allow humans to function within a hostile environment, as outer space or ocean depths.
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[ˈlaɪfsəˌpɔːt] ADJ life-support systemsistema m de respiración artificial (pulmón artificial etc)
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THE parents of life-support treatment battle tot Alfie Evans are preparing for another legal fight.
A SEVERELY disabled boy who was at the centre of a life-support treatment dispute has died, his father said.
The infant had been at the centre of a legal battle over how long he should receive life-support treatment, and with his parents wanting to take him to America for experimental treatment.
SOLICITORS representing a couple whose baby son was at the centre of a life-support treatment dispute will not say whether they have launched an appeal against a High Court judge's ruling.
alive on life-support. This was partly driven by her religious beliefs,
A family source said that Whitney's mother Cissy had "floated the idea of turning off life-support on the day Whitney died.
Otherwise, unlawfully subjecting a corpse to intrusions by life-support mechanisms could be regarded as the crime of violating a corpse in South African law.
LOS ANGELES (CyHAN)- Wason Miles brought two decades of experience as a life-support technician in the U.S.
Mark Shepard, 28, from Widnes, was visiting the Canary Island with friends when he fell and sustained a serious head injury which has left him on a life-support machine.
As a consequence, many patients who had limitation of life support after 0800 h and died or were discharged from ICU before 0800 h the following day may not have been coded as having limitation of life-support. Furthermore, the definition of limitations in life support is very variable among different health care professionals (3,4).
The woman has a feeding tube, but she is not attached to a respirator or any other life-support machine.