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1. Having no life; inanimate.
2. Having lost life; dead. See Synonyms at dead.
3. Not inhabited by living beings or capable of sustaining life: a lifeless planet.
4. Lacking vitality or animation; dull: a lifeless party.

life′less·ly adv.
life′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.lifelessly - without animation or vitality; "lifelessly he performed the song"
2.lifelessly - in a lifeless manner; "the girl lay in her arms lifelessly"
3.lifelessly - as if dead


advleblos; (fig)teilnahmslos
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Having lifted her head and let her arms droop lifelessly, as ballet dancers do, Natasha, rising energetically from her heels to her toes, stepped to the middle of the room and stood still.
He stood on the carpet in the middle of the room, clutching his hat and stick in one hand; the other hung lifelessly by his side.
Her hands were lying lifelessly, palms upwards, on her lap.
But as for you, ye carrion rogues," turning to the three men in the rigging --"for you, I mean to mince ye up for the try-pots;" and, seizing a rope, he applied it with all his might to the backs of the two traitors, till they yelled no more, but lifelessly hung their heads sideways, as the two crucified thieves are drawn.
Her head flopped lifelessly to the blood-stained carpet with an ominous thud.
George, who reportedly worked with the Fire Service Department of the Salala Rubber Corporation in Margibi County Electoral District#5, was lifelessly discovered on Thursday, 4 January during morning hours with foam oozing from his mouth and blood pouring from his right eye.
In fact Iguanas frozen to death were caught lifelessly falling off trees.
And legends say these Grotesque Guardians sit lifelessly, crumbling; disfigured by this corrosion.
The poor dog was flaccid, his head hung lifelessly to the side and his tongue was as black as his coat.
The tightly coiled, chocolate brown turd makes fleeting appearances in Leondis' picture, and is lifelessly voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart.
This needs to be employed in schools across the country as current methods of voter registration involve lifelessly offering cards to students.
The dying Clarissa sits "in her elbow-chair," her head "rest[ing] upon the good woman's bosom," her cheek "pale and hollow, as if already iced over by death," her hands "hanging lifelessly," and her blood "languidly" creeping through her veins; Falkland, likewise, is "brought in a chair," "his head reclin[ing] upon his bosom," "his visage .