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Haywood works four days a week and lives on a lifestyle block in north Canterbury one and a half hours' drive from Ashburton.
That's a massive increase on existing lifestyle block prices, by a factor of about 20x.
This could easily occur on a lifestyle block or in the suburbs.
Rather, in light of the increasing numbers of ATVs and their growing popularity amongst lifestyle block holders, reducing unacceptable levels of risk to rural children requires the development of legal restrictions on the operation of the vehicles.
We moved to Matamata where we purchased a rural lifestyle block. I decided to take a step back from my career to spend more time with the family.
Len Brown, for what it's worth, lives on a lifestyle block. Those lifestyle block values will skyrocket if the Unitary plan goes ahead, because they'll be green refuges for the wealthy to flee to.
"It's under increasing pressure from expanding urban areas and the growing number of lifestyle blocks," David Parker said.