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The chief or entire work of a person's lifetime.


a work to which a person has devoted his or her life



the complete or principal work, labor, or task of a lifetime.
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Noun1.lifework - the principal work of your career
calling, career, vocation - the particular occupation for which you are trained


[ˈlaɪfˈwɜːk] Ntrabajo m de toda la vida
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All the nations of Barsoom were not yet as one, but a great stride forward toward that goal had been taken, and now if I could but cement the fierce yellow race into this solidarity of nations I should feel that I had rounded out a great lifework, and repaid to Mars at least a portion of the immense debt of gratitude I owed her for having given me my Dejah Thoris.
After I finished the course at Hampton and had entered upon my lifework at Tuskegee, I had the pleasure of visiting Mr.
The new minister and his wife were a young, pleasant-faced couple, still on their honeymoon, and full of all good and beautiful enthusiasms for their chosen lifework.
To celebrate his lifework, the British Deputy High Commission in Karachi, in collaboration with Paramount Books (Pvt.
Boisen, whose lifework was to link psychiatry and religion for the benefit of psychiatric patients, was known as the father of clinical pastoral education.
Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids" is a rare children's biography that invites readers to explore the complex of systems of knowledge that come to fruition in the lifework of a famous architect.
Like Goodwill and Hire Heroes USA, Lifework trains clients in workplace readiness skills, such as interviewing and resume preparation.
Thru their lifework, they have a claim to fame boat with distinguishing features to the knowledgeable marine eye and used on many TV shows.
The exhibition celebrated the 50th anniversary of NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangers Society) and the lifework of one of their most noted members - Iona Trefor Jones.
of Maryland, College Park) explains Laban's lifework and influences, exploring his revolutionary analysis system, and describing the impact of such works as Die Grunen Clowns and The Mastery of Movement.
She should be putting her energies into making her present lifework, not hanging on to the past.
Some years ago I was fortunate to obtain a pack of the Thoth Tarot Deck, the lifework of master theologian Aleister Crowley.