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I lift off my old head, place it on a table before me, and use the face for a pattern to go by.
Family members of some of those on board witnessed the helicopter lift off and then suddenly plummet into the sea.
The four stage PSLV-C40 stands 44.4 metres tall and weighs about 320 tonne at the lift off stage.
A | FILM about Liverpool's piano busking festival has won Best Documentary at Liverpool Lift Off film festival.
LIFT OFF: Rylan Clark and Emma Willis LIFT OFF: Rylan Cl k d
The Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory is scheduled to lift off from Japan on Feb.
Walid Al-Shatti, head of the marine operation unit at Kuwait Dive Team, told KUNA that the team was able to lift off abandoned nets of 500 meters length, stretching six meters from the sea bottom to the surface, at two locations: one off the Kuwait Scientific Center and the second close to the the center docks.
Summary: After one false start, there was finally lift off for the world's first commercial space venture.
Lift-Off initiative, in partnership between Endeavor Egypt and the Institute of International Education, aims to encourage a positive perception of entrepreneurship as a career option, and to help build an ecosystem for entrepreneurship that enables young aspiring entrepreneurs in Egypt and across North Africa, targeting MENA Region youth across three age tiers (16-18; 18-24; 25-35), to "lift off" by utilising their innovative business ideas to enter the local market.